Join our online community (if you aren't already there) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wisdompreneurs. This will give you a sense of our community and help you to determine if it is one are passionate about and want to join.

Please review our website, specifically our mission and core values to see if they align with yours.

Click on the 'Liaison Application' button below, complete the form below and hit submit.

Our Leadership Team will review your application and should it feel aligned to explore collaborating, we will send you a link to meet up with our Lead Liaison for a preliminary interview.*

If there's a mutual fit based on the first interview, our Lead Liaison will pass a recommendation on to one or both of our Co-Founders for a second interview.

If the second interview reveals a mutual fit as well, our Co-Founders will inform our Lead Liaison, who will introduce you to the Liaison Team and the larger community. 

* This process can vary in length of time, based on the queue of applicants and our Leadership Team's current bandwidth. Should you choose to apply, thank you in advance for your patience as we grow!



Attend at least 70% of monthly planned team meetings.

Host some level of regular gatherings, minimally once a month.

Cultivate membership of wisdom based practioners, new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners with wider reach, with an eye for increasing diversity.

Contribute to Wisdompreneurs' social media presence through event photos, sharing stories, and connecting online.

Support other team members with compassion and advocacy for Wisdompreneurs' vision.

Be a positive role model for what Wisdompreneurs can look like, be and do in the world.



Open to the public and inclusive (excepting only people who cause disturbance through excessive negative words and/or actions).

Not hosted in anyone’s personal home (for general safety and inclusiveness).

Non-promotional (set expectation to not pass business cards or flyers unless asked for, until the end of the gathering).

Supportive of all voices (the Liaison role is partly to create space for all to be seen and heard).

Exercise good boundaries with attendees who act dismissive or negatively toward others.

Model and encourage participants to focus on listening rather than advising, and on personal experience sharing rather than “teaching”.

Be a connection and conversation facilitator, without being the main speaker or teacher.

Creativity IS encouraged as long as other guidelines are met.

Typical examples of gatherings include happy hour networking-style, facilitated discussions on developed-in-the-moment themes, and low-key lunch or dinner conversations.

Also, FUN stuff like paddle boarding and roller skating (*make sure release contracts are signed by attendees before the event begins).



Further, Liaisons are encouraged to develop and pitch shorter content-based experiences such as workshops, events, etc. to our Leadership Team. Approved concepts will be available to all Liaisons as offerings in their communities. 

These planned experiences would carry a low cost or "Pay What You Can" pricing, and Liaisons would profit share with the Wisdompreneurs organization.

If you are a Liaison interested in submitting content or curriculum that could be presented under the Wisdompreneur brand, please reach out to our Liaison Director.