We are an international community, connecting online and offline.

 To strengthen our network's experience and connection, we’ve curated a team of Liaisons for local-based community interactions.  

Guided by our Liaison Director, Liaisons represent cumulative decades of depth work, personal development skills, and business acumen.

Our Liaison Team honors diversity, inclusivity, and the many unique faces of leadership. They further the mission of Wisdompreneurs by calling individuals together to share and capture the unique wisdom that emerges from local, in­-person gatherings.

Together, they form connections and build community to explore the challenges and joys of wisdom­-based entrepreneurship, share solutions to wisdom­-based practices and support one another in manifesting successful businesses based in joy for themselves and others.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Liaison include:

Facilitated leadership development, collaboration with experienced souls and burgeoning talents in locations around the world, as well as opportunities to exercise leadership skills and develop a live local network with people who are also working in and/or hunger to be at the intersection of wisdom and business.



 Our Liaison Program is expanding!