The Book


The Wise Entrepreneur: Daily Resources to Increase Your Impact, Success and Sense of Meaning

Did you ever ask yourself how you can create the greatest impact with the skills and talents that you have? If you set out to turn your passion and your purpose into your business or career, you may have encountered a number of obstacles and challenges that have prevented you from doing so mindfully and skilfully.

Much of your success in turning what you love into your dream career will be dependent on the balance between two key areas: wisdom and entrepreneurship. Many of us have our focus on one of these areas over the other.

Whichever direction your focus has been biased, this ground-breaking book will enable you to skilfully bring these two worlds together, so that you can share your talents to a wider audience, and have the greatest impact while doing so.

With daily practices from over 100 thought leaders in the wisdom-entrepreneurial sector, you will be taken on a year-long journey of deeply grounding your self and your business in areas such as:

Leading with Love / Brand / Vulnerability / Communication / Money / Tribe / Balance / Boundaries / Passion / Integrity / Culture/ Growth

Each practice is designed to help you shift your perception, move through blocks and recreate your business reality step-by-step. By the end of the year you will have totally transformed how you show up in your business or career, enabling you to be a truly embodied thought leader in your field or sector.  

Collaborators: Paul Zelizer, Sasha Allenby and Alison Raby

A few of the amazing contributors: