We have started to bring on Event Sponsors! We are thrilled to invite this support at such a pivotal moment in our organization's development.





  • Position your organization as a leader in the mindfulness movement by associating with a brand that is at the forefront in wisdom practices, entrepreneurship and diversity/inclusion.

  • Be a thought leader by facilitating the evolving discussion and necessary action in diversity and inclusion.

  • Create connections with like-minded leaders, communities and companies.

  • Attract the world’s premier conscious entrepreneurs as clients, customers, partners, investors, team members and so forth.

  • Join other leaders in conscious networking – our events are stellar while providing an environment that invites connection, collaboration and fun.

  • Gain cutting edge information regarding the business enhancing results of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

  • Associate your brand with organization that is focused on diversity/inclusion, social impact and mindfulness. 

  • Create marketing and PR benefits that can be used internally and externally, giving your organization an edge of additional credibility.

  • Increase your visibility via the marketing and promotional benefits of being associated with our Community of over 11,000 Wisdompreneurs across the globe, through our Facebook Page, Twitter followers and website.

  • Swag bags including signed copies of our book, unique wearables and other exciting tidbits.



Outreach to Wisdom 2.0’s attendees, (their opt-in email list consists of over 21,000 subscribers), visibility on their website, which averages 18,000 visitors a month, spiking to 55,000 views near the event; Facebook community of over 30,000 Fans; and 14,000+ Twitter followers.

One or more three hour content and resource driven training seminars facilitated by experts in their fields for up to thirty team members. A few examples include: The Enneagram at Work, Mindfulness Practices, Diversity/Inclusion.

All access passes to Wisdompreneurs 2016 events.

And more…

Rather than offer a one size fits all option, we would like to understand what is important to you in structuring a package that creates a unique experience tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

For more information please contact us!