Wisdom and Entrepreneurship: A Day Long Intensive

February 19th 2016/San Francisco, CA

Wisdom 2.0 + Wisdompreneurs

Wisdompreneurs was born at Wisdom 2.0 in 2013 and is an offshoot of the conference. Focused on the intersection of mindfulness and entrepreneurship, we fill a unique niche in the wisdom world. Our international community has grown to over 10,000 and continues to expand rapidly.  

Each year since our inception in 2013, we have played a role in the conference.  At the last conference, in our Breakout Session, we focused on and modeled diversity and inclusion. We had to turn over 250 people away due to lack of room capacity. 

We are honored to have been asked to return to the 2016 Wisdom 2.0 conference.  On Friday February 19th, We will create and facilitate a day long intensive focused on the intersection of wisdom practices and entrepreneurship.

We are also excited to lead a Breakout Session on February 20th 2016 at Wisdom 2.0 focused on diversity and inclusion.

There are additional Wisdompreneurs events during the week of February 15th, 2016.  For more information about the events listed above and the events proceeding them, please click here.

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