Rubina Cohen, New Mexico Liaison: is a marketing strategist, coach and consultant with more than 14 years’ experience working with clients in the design, wellness and environmental fields. As founder and principal of Firefly Strategies, a boutique marketing strategy and support firm, Rubina develops and implements annual marketing plans, directs branding and website design, and teaches social media workshops. Rubina believes in simple, authentic, results-oriented marketing for the New Economy, based on the four Cs: connection, collaboration, creativity, consistency. A serial entrepreneur, Rubina also helps women launch careers, and moms start businesses, through her website—and as the creator of the online course, she works with anyone interested in awakening and reclaiming their own creative capacity. Rubina earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Research from the acclaimed Institute for Communications Research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she studied how consumers and constituents make purchasing and political decisions. Her most important education, however, came when she discovered what success really meant for her. After years of working long hours and endless weeks, battling burnout and exhaustion, Rubina decided to apply strategic thinking to her own life. Unwilling to choose between motherhood and career, she instead crafted a personal roadmap that allows her to live a life that prioritizes both income and impact, offering both comfort and meaning. Rubina calls this “living in your genius zone,” and today she helps clients achieve their own vision of success based upon the formula Practice + Play + Persevere.