Rodolfo Carrillo, Costa Rica Liaison: has had his own consulting practice since 2005, first as a Family Business Consultant and for the past three years developing Conscious Organizations. He’s also acted as a life and business coach for many all over the world. As a business graduate with an MBA in family business and entrepreneurship, he has been involved in various corporate as personal business startups. He has looked to combine his professional work with nonprofit organizations so, he founded and still leads the Positive World Foundation in Costa Rica which focuses on working with young people in communities at risk to help them develop their full potential through workshops and activities.  He also started the Costa Rican Family Business Chamber of which he was president for 5 years, until he voluntarily left the position to allow others to direct the organization. His spiritual path started very early in his life, when he learned to meditate at the age of seven. This path has taken him to very profound personal work through traditional psychology as well as different philosophies like Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Indigenous wisdom teachings. His practice has taken him to sacred sites all over the world. Rodolfo brings a very interesting and unique combination of business experience, personal work and spiritual knowledge that triggers profound transformation.