Rehan Allahwala is the Founder and President of over 50 Ventures around the world including the countries like United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Europe and Pakistan. At the age of thirteen (13), he founded his first company called “Pakistan Computers” in Pakistan and by the age of sixteen (16), when in high school; he created Commodore computer accessories including Voice Digitizers, modems and Speed Increasers. Rehan Allahwala did not go to College nor University After his High Schooling, however he developed expertise in the field of International Marketing, Social Media, Collaboration, Networking, VOIP, ERP Systems, CRM Systems Architecture, and VOIP. He frequently speaks on these topics in conferences and seminars around the world. He has over 500 Videos, Written a few books and now He spends most of his time on his Mission to Eradicate poverty from the world, allow every citizen of the world, to be equally enabled. In this process he has started Rehan School, A School based on Simple Mobile phone, Rehan University, where Teachers are People like Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs of the world.