Wisdompreneurs Publishing

Sasha Allenby

CEO and Queen Joy Bunny of Wisdompreneurs Publishing

Wisdompreneurs Publishing is an evolving company with a difference. Our ultimate goal is to nurture and support emerging authors so that their voice can be heard through the written word and contribute to the evolution of the planet.

Wisdom is at the heart of our company, and we work with authors who have a unique voice, and are committed to their written word making a huge impact in the world. 

We publish books that are on the intersection between wisdom and entrepreneurship, bringing forth highly talented emerging authors and supporting them to share their message globally.

 A contract with us is very unique. Whilst traditional publishing houses usually only favor emerging authors with a well-developed platform, in contrast we nurture our authors at all stages of the writing and publishing process, from the seed of their idea, all the way through to building their platform and launching their book, and beyond. 

In addition, we only publish a small handful of books each year through our traditional publishing wing, so authors are guaranteed a deeply supportive personal experience at all stages of the process. 

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