Neil Takemoto, has a lifelong commitment to downtown revitalization and placemaking. As the co-founder of the CSPM Group, he developed a system... known as crowdsourced placemaking, applying the principles of crowdsourcing to triple-bottom-line development through partnering the local community with the private sector and government. He is currently managing six crowdsourced placemaking programs totaling over $6 billion, in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Prior to CSPM Group he co-founded the National Town Builders Association with renowned town planner Andres Duany in 1997, a business trade group of Smart Growth/New Urbanism real estate developers that continues to operate. In addition, Neil has published over 1700 development-oriented entries on a nationally recognized site dedicated to crowdsourced placemaking and walkable urban development, at

Neil has a passion for piazzas, car-free cities, third places, exploration, design thinking, the 10 principles and conversational deep diving.