Merel Geanna de Boer, Bay Area Liaison: My name is Merel and I’m thrilled to help the Wisdompreneurs community thrive here in San Francisco! Working as a solo-entrepreneur I know how important community is: to share ideas, to feel connected in an authentic, mind-opening and heart-widening way. I’m born in the Netherland, studied and worked in Amsterdam, lived in the South of France and enjoy living in San Francisco now for more than 3 years. In my work I help companies create a positive company- and team culture, focused on strengths and appreciation. I believe that organizations are our new tribes, and that it is important to cultivate company cultures where people feel supported and inspired. Really, we can change a lot by changing how we relate to each other. Relationships between people and the teams they form intrigue me: why do people do what they do in relationships? And how can we help them make those relationships grow and blossom? Being in touch with different backgrounds and cultures, see the power of diversity and being surrounded by open-minded people is why I love my work and is also the reason I feel very connected to Wisdompreneurs. Bringing this to the world is what sparks my enthusiasm being a Wisdompreneur Liaison in San Francisco! Next to loving my work, I’m dedicated to my meditation and mindfulness practice. I keep myself happy and healthy doing yoga and hiking in the beautiful Bay Area nature. I’m looking forward to meet you all!