Marilyn Jaeger is widely known as the Bay Area’s master esthetician, bringing bold, beautiful brows back to the bay.  Throughout her 18+ year career, Marilyn has founded Marilyn Jaeger Skincare Studio, with locations in both Rockridge and San Francisco, created Spotless, a product for treating and preventing ingrown hairs, acne and inflammation, and inspired thousands of women and men with stories of her life’s lessons and passion for empowerment and wellness. “I focus on healthy mind, spirit and body.”  It’s an infinite, positive feeling,” Marilyn states. Jaeger has clients who travel from all edges of the earth and economic backgrounds to indulge in the array of services at her two studios, including brow shaping, Brazilian bikini waxing, facials and massage.  Marilyn dedicates her time at both locations to treating her clients and training all of her employees thoroughly on her techniques and philosophy to ensure that every client receives an authentic ‘Marilyn Jaeger Experience.’ While Marilyn is devoted to her Skincare Studios and Spotless, she is also committed to her community and charity.  Throughout the years, she has encouraged her clients to join her in helping furnish homes for underprivileged families in the Bay Area,  held clothing drives in her studios, donated money to her Marilyn Jaeger Scholarship Fund through Holy Family Day Home, and has gone above and beyond for individuals who cross her path who are in some type of need.  Her desire to help others stems from a challenging childhood.  Marilyn struggled herself as a young child, growing up in a home of chaos and neglect.  She made work her sanctuary outside her home, and is proud to have come from humble beginnings to where she is now:  a CEO of two thriving businesses that cares for its’ clients and communities. It’s not a shock that over the front door of Marilyn Jaeger’s flagship location it reads, “Believe and Achieve.”  She has surely done just that.