L  I  F  T

We are kicking off our Leave A Trace program through the creation of 'L I F T'.

L I F T provides free basic membership for one year to individuals and organizations who could not otherwise afford to join our Family of Creation. 

Currently, we have a limited number of memberships available to *qualified applicants.  

Going forward, L I F T will adopt a 'Ten To One' policy:

Every time one paid member joins, we will add a ten L I F T memberships, community helping community to build community.

Memberships will expire after a period of one year.  Our hope is that by offering the support of this amazing community during that year, we will lift up community members who need support.  Helping them to thrive and perhaps even assist others in need.

*If you would like to be part of this program, please contact us to receive an application.