Paul Zelizer
Former Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Weirdness Officer

Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of the Wisdompreneur – coaches, consultants and other service entrepreneurs who have a foundation of mindfulness or awareness. 

Paul runs a global coaching practice supporting wisdom entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to the next level. He’s also the former Director of Social Media for Wisdom 2.0, one of the premier mindfulness brands in the world. 

In 2013, Paul co-created Wisdompreneurs because he saw the need for an organization to bring entrepreneurial skills to transformational leaders and to bring easy to implement centering practices to the entrepreneurial world. 

He served as  Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Weirdness Officer of Wisdompreneurs until December of 2017.  He is also a popular speaker on Wisdom and Entrepreneurship, Mindful Leadership, Mindful Cofounders, and other conscious business topics.

Paul is also passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountains. yoga, dark chocolate, sustainable living, poetry and deep centering breaths. 

He lives in a solar adobe home in the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Alison Raby
Co-Founder, CTO & Chief Alchemist

Alison possesses a powerful mix of entrepreneurial savvy and finely honed communication skills. Dedicating more than twenty-five years to the art of communication and interpersonal dynamics, she is a connector, facilitator and serial entrepreneur.

At the age of nineteen, her role as an Organizational Development Director for the Worksite Wellness Council led her to Co-Found and Administer the first holistic health degree program by an educational institution. She continued her entrepreneurial endeavors by opening and later selling a successful Chicago dining establishment, founding Mariposa Search, LifeBeforeDeath and Co-Founding Wisdompreneurs.

Her years of study and teaching in wisdom traditions and long-term engagement with Esalen Institute guided her to join Wisdom 2.0's launch team, serve on the board of Wisdom 2.0 Women, and act as a Strategic Advisor for Inspiration Campaign.

Alison's latest endeavor is as a Co-Founder and Inclusion Activist at Digital Raign, an organization focused on utilizing emergent technology toward the betterment of humanity with a commitment to creating social impact, exploring human potential and cultivating consciousness.

Firmly committed to social justice, Alison regularly donates her time to a number of volunteer organizations such as Emerging Women, It’s Time Network, ARVR Women among others. She serves as an Ambassador at the world renowned Esalen Institute, chairs the Bay Area Recruiters Association and sits on the board of both Dr. Tom Furness’ non-profit organization, The Virtual World Society and NewPathVR. She has also enjoyed numerous speaking engagements, including: Wisdom 2.0, Consciousness in VR, 360 LA and Inclusion 2.0.

Alison holds Bachelor’s degrees in Holistic Health and Philosophy from DePaul University and is a licensed Personal Development Counselor. Her hobbies include horseback riding, meditation, cuddling with her dog Linus and designing her next passion projects Spiritual and Fabulous & Superhero School.