Felina Danalis, Palm Springs Area Liaison

Honoring mind-body-spirit is a buzzword for many. But for Felina, it is nothing less than a life’s work. After serving for years in international development working at places like the World Bank and consulting in the sustainability industry in Europe, a traumatic car bombing she witnessed while working in the field was her breaking open moment more than a decade ago. Since then, cultivating her own spiritual fitness and helping others to do the same has been her passion, calling and business. What is Spiritual Fitness? A way of cultivating MASSive fulfillment in life and work though the principles of Mindfulness, Authenticity, Spirituality and Sustainability. Though classes, workshops, powerful individual and group coaching, and international retreats in Greece and around the world (http://www.felinadanalis.com), she helps brilliant men and women cultivate their own bespoke spirituality with Mediterranean enthusiasm, humor and a whole lot of joie de vivre.