Wisdompreneurs is excited to be working with our sponsors, partners, and individual contributors to make the events of SHIFT2016 available individuals and groups who might otherwise consider it out of their range given the financial cost of tickets. 

Wisdompreneurs' focus is to increase the success and quality of life for transformational entrepreneurs through deep community networking and social entrepreneurs through the spread of wisdom and emotional intelligence practices.

The Wisdompreneurs values, community and offerings grew out of a desire to support individuals who are committed to creating a wisdom based economy - one in which each of us is privileged enough to make a living by being who we are, doing what we love, and connecting deeply with each other, all in service of the greater good.

We are seeking participation from entrepreneurs, wisdom practitioners, advocates and professionals involved promoting inclusion & diversity, education, social impact, the wisdom balance and self-care, and to making entrepreneurial and wisdom practices more accessible locally and globally. 

Please help us understand the reasons for your interest in Wisdompreneurs and SHIFT2016 by answering the following questions with concise thoughtfulness:

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