CJ Callen, Liaison Bay Area: CJ Callen is an entrepreneur who is placing consciousness at the center of her three enterprises: 1. A Beautiful Mind Consulting, a practice focused on unleashing the best in philanthropic leadership and helping to transform philanthropic practice from one that is transactional to one that is truly transformational; 2. Wine & Soul, a blog with a focus on gathering a tribe who care about mindfulness in the food and wine industry; and 3. to-be-named effort centered on creating a community gathering place to feature people of color speakers from the wisdom world. Past professional roles placed her at the center of helping philanthropic professionals connect “soul to role,” creating spaces for personal inquiry and transformation. She has been an advocate and social justice pioneer with a heart, placing consciousness and mindfulness at the center of what it means to create meaningful and sustainable change. CJ received her JD from Stanford University and her BA in political science and philosophy with honors from New York University. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but is a long-time and proud Californian. She resides in San Francisco with her husband Jeff, the ethnomusicologist; Cleo, the dog; and Roxie, the cat. Ask her about wine and what it has to do with community.