Bryan E. Glover, New York/Washington, DC Liaison: Is a leadership coach and life coach. He has served in a variety of capacities and professional environments, including work in both the private and government sector, as well as 20 years of non-profit management and administrative experience. He has also been involved in community organizing, and has supported the arts and emerging artists for well over two decades. Concurrently, over the years he actively pursued his own spiritual growth, a journey involving experiences as varied as human potential trainings, shamanism, and travel to West Africa to study indigenous spiritual practices. This mix of experiences and thought combined to shape his own understanding, philosophy, and beliefs, influencing how he began to view and interact with his communities of involvement. Time and again he observed how some of the most difficult challenges emerged, with both individuals and organizations, when people moved away from joy and neglected their passions. Eventually, he realized his true calling to serve as a coach, supporting others to move towards Joy, Passion and Possibilities. As a leadership coach, he relies on personal experience and understanding to support clients in increasing their effectiveness and results in working with groups and organizations, through navigating pathways to clarity, transparency, and joy. His breadth of experience and community engagement offers a unique perspective on the challenges of organizational leadership and workplace dynamics. As life a coach, Bryan supports people in living passionately and joyously, manifesting the lives they desire.