What is Unconscious Bias?

From our Partner: Emerging Women

We live in a world where our minds constantly process information — in fact, it’s probably happening to you right now! How many of you have multiple tabs open, are reading this in the middle of writing an email or are waiting for your child to put their pajamas on so you can tuck them in?

We do A LOT without being fully and consciously aware. The world that we live in is a fast one — and when we’re operating at full speed, unconscious biases flood our thinking and interactions, influencing the ways we participate in the workplace, our social groups and elsewhere.

Man or woman, young or old, affluent or lower class, we all have unconscious bias. It doesn’t make us bad or evil, it simply makes us human. We’re taught to trust our instincts, but sometimes in doing so, we take shortcuts and the trajectory of our decision making and our thought patterns end up (mis)judging people.

Unconscious biases are formulated and reinforced by the multitude of facets that make up our cultural norms, our personal experiences and our environments. But it’s time to lift the veil.

Leading social justice scholars believe that unconscious bias can lead to gender discrimination and negative racial stereotyping, prompting discriminatory attitudes and actions towards women and people of color. So they, too, are working alongside corporations and entities in addressing unconscious bias to ensure it doesn’t undermine daily operations, strategic planning, hiring and promotions.

Google is talking about it. Geena Davis is talking about it. It’s a significant topic, and we want to start a discourse with our community on it. We will continue to unpack unconscious bias, and will be taking the topic all the way to Emerging Women Live, October 8-11, in San Francisco, where Rosalyn Taylor O’Neal will be discussing it alongside Erica Fox and more.

To get a head start, check out this video: Making the Unconscious Conscious. And let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Wisdompreneurs August 2015 Newsletter

Wisdompreneurs Updates

We are building the plane while flying it, can anyone say start-up?  Terrifying at times yet invigorating!  

It is a beautiful (and let's be real, often challenging) opportunity to practice balance and self-care while staying aligned with our values and CRANKING!  

Remembering that we're learning, while leading with love helps as we rock it - or try to - mindfully.

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An Important Note

In our newsletter we mention our collaboration with

which we could not be more thrilled about!

While the link to their website is spot on, we had some technical difficulties (on our end) with the link to their upcoming event.  

Please click here to check out what they are offering in October.  It's juicy!

Emerging Women is truly what women and the world need NOW.

A Message from the Director of Liaison Programs

Some of our amazing Liaisons during our monthly virtual team meeting.

Some of our amazing Liaisons during our monthly virtual team meeting.

Hi my Wise Friends!

As you’ve probably seen, I’ve just been granted the role of Director of the Wisdompreneurs Liaison Program, and I’d love to tell you a little bit more about how we got started and what we do.

A couple years ago when this community had barely broken four digits in membership (I think I was around member number 635), our founders Paul and Alison had the forethought to know that some of us might want to actually get to know each other IRL (in real life)! So they developed a way to facilitate mindful and useful in-person connections. That’s where the Liaison program was born.

I was invited into the Program in March 2014, when there were only a few other Liaisons and we were just starting to figure out our structure. Since our founders wanted to encourage our own leadership, we focused on self-organization. We identified the need for a group leader, so in May 2014, I volunteered for the job of “Liaison Lead,” based on my background of experience in organizational development and group dynamics.  

Since then, we have been building an international and diverse team of Liaisons who are leaders in their fields and excited to create more community in their different locales. While we have been hosting Wisdompreneur gatherings for the last 18 months in places like London, Seattle, New York, Costa Rica, Denver, Hong Kong, and Melbourne, you may have only recently starting being aware these events. We’re increasing our marketing and stepping up our game so this larger community knows how to join these “Wisdom Parties.”

Our emerging vision statement is here:
Wisdompreneurs Liaisons Program furthers the mission of Wisdompreneurs by calling individuals together to share and capture the unique wisdom that emerges from local, in-person gatherings. Together, we form connections and build community to explore the challenges and joys of wisdom-based entrepreneurship, share learnings and solutions to wisdom-based practices, and support each other in manifesting successful business based in joy for ourselves and others.

Inside the program, we have a further vision of inspiring and nurturing the leadership qualities of our Liaisons and helping them to expand their understanding of what it takes to balance earning bread and sustaining soul. 

From this point forward, we will be posting our official Wisdompreneur Gatherings in the Facebook group and providing more of a bridge between what wisdom our local communities generate and the larger international organization. Keep watching us for more exciting events to be rolled out in cities near you! 

p.s. If you are inspired to serve your local community of Wisdompreneurs, learn more about how to apply here: http://www.wisdompreneurs.com/where2

New Director of Liaisons Program

Rachel Alexandria

Rachel Alexandria

Please help us congratulate Rachel Alexandria, our NEW DIRECTOR OF LIAISONS PROGRAM!!!

The Liaison's Program is where Wisdompreneurs organize meetups, coworking days, and quality fun times together in order to deepen the FACE TO FACE relationships and sense of community in their local communities. And, we've just launched an option for Liaisons to propose innovative programs - including things like community focused workshops, retreats and the like.

From disco roller skating to deep conversation about money, from hiking in the mountains together to getting feedback about your next monthly newsletter. From Hong Kong to Costa Rica, from New York to Seattle, from London to Bali. The Liaison's program is the channel for an incredible amount goodness coming into the world. And even more to come ...

And overseeing all this goodness for months has been our very own Rachel. Formerly, her title was Lead Liaison. However, the program has grown rapidly and Rachel's been demonstrating wonderful leadership skills. We felt like it's time for Rachel to be more fully seen and appreciated for all that she does.

For our whole community, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. It is such a pleasure to be traveling this journey assisted by your kind, thoughtful and strong leadership Rachel!

To find out what Rachel does when she's NOT leading the Liaison's Program, here is her website.

Wisdompreneurs Event in DC Cancelled.

After much deliberation and regret, we have decided to cancel the upcoming Be The Change event in Washington D.C. We had secured a space to host the event when we announced it in late February. Unfortunately, that space ended up being unavailable due to an unexpected issue regarding their build out AND we had a series of very challenging tech issues with the website.  We poured our hearts out trying to address the venue and tech issues  - which meant marketing efforts suffered.  Thus registration was lower than anticipated which limited our budget for a new venue.  Sigh ...

As many of you may know, since learning of the loss of our venue we have been working tirelessly to identify and secure a new one. We deeply appreciate all of the assistance provided by both our partners and the individuals who stepped forward to aide us in this unsuccessful yet valiant effort. The outpouring of support from those who provided options, contacts, and so for in an attempt to be of service to us was truly heartwarming.

We have developed great contacts, enriched our partnerships and gained much visibility within in new sectors throughout this process. We look forward to producing a much deeper dive experience for our upcoming 3 day gathering in the Chicago on September 24th-27th.. We thank you for your support, and we are grateful for this community. 

Within the next 72 hours we will contact anyone who has purchased tickets to this event to ensure that refunds are processed asap.  We will also offer a complimentary ticket to a one day intensive in Chicago.

Lastly, if you were excited about our DC event, please join us in Chicago September 24-27th!  The planning is already underway for this event and we are delighted about how it is shaping up! If you would like to play with us in Chicago, ticket sales will commence in the coming months.  Please also let us know if you would like to be considered as an engagement partner, sponsor or speaker, by contacting us at: http://www.wisdompreneurs.com/connect/.

What's Going to Happen at the First Wisdompreneurs Conference?

For more than 18 months, people have been asking: "When is Wisdompreneurs going to have a conference?"  Well, we finally have an answer - April 30th in Washington DC.   It's called, Be The Change DC: Transformation Through Social Enterprise, Global Diversity and Mindful Leadership.

You can see the event page here.

What's Going to Happen at the Event?

First, let's talk about what isn't going to happen.   This is NOT going to be one of those conferences where you are expected to sit in your chair all day and get talked at by so called experts who tell you what they think you should know about.  Not at all!

Instead, our intention is to support - in very concrete ways - the personal growth and positive impact in the world goals that are important to YOU.  In fact, we've built the whole experience to create a "collective impact" space that can do just that.  This post explains what a collective impact space is and how it can lead to powerful and lasting transformation.

Collective impact has gained tremendous momentum as a disciplined, cross-sector approach to solving social and environmental problems on a large scale.”
— John Kania, Fay Hanleybrown, & Jennifer Splansky Juster

How The Heck Are We Going to Do That?

One of the things we do really well at Wisdompreneurs is gather up amazing humans and create a space where large numbers of diverse people feel safe enough to support each other and share great resources.  An example of this is our Wisdompreneurs Facebook group - over 5000 members from around the world who are supporting each other in generous ways to grow both as human beings and as conscious entrepreneurs.

We do this 365 days a year.

Now, imagine a deep dive retreat/conference where highly motivated and collaborative minded people come together with a similar intent.  With the added power of being in person.  With hugs and chocolate.  And skilled leaders from the worlds of mindful leadership, diversity and social entrepreneurship in the room to help guide and share resources every step of the way.

We'll start with some of these leaders helping us as a group get into a space where collective impact can happen.  Leaders like:

  • A Stanford Law Professor who teaches collaboration and spends her days bringing together people from different sectors, finding the common ground and collectively securing funding to take social impact projects to a whole new level of scale.
  • A leading diversity consultant who has developed easy to implement and highly effective strategies to help wisdom based and social impact organizations connect with and include people of color in much more engaging ways.
  • A key leader of one of the most dynamic women's leadership conferences in the world - one that is attracting the attention of congressional leaders and mayors of cities throughout the United States.
  • The cofounders of Wisdompreneurs, Alison Raby and Paul Zelizer, as well as our Advisory Board Chair James Hanusa.

Lora O'Connor of It's Time 2015 and Alison Raby of Wisdompreneurs.

These leaders are being selected with care and for their ability to lead from a place of mindfulness and service rather than "look how much I know".

How Can This Event Support YOUR Desires?

After getting our group intention clear, the agenda moves into helping participants learn about each other on two levels:

  1. As human beings who are committed to their own inner journey and
  2. As conscious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to improve the world.

We will do this in a series of "Table Top Workshops" where participants will have an opportunity to lead and share in a number of small group workshops.  The topics will be related to self-actualization, mindful leadership, diversity and social entrepreneurship.

Our afternoon is dedicated to helping each person identify support and resources for a leap forward on these same two levels: 1) Self Actualization and 2) Positive Impact.

Remember, that in the room will be a bunch of people dedicated to an inside AND out approach to change.   And many of these people will be leaders with a well developed sense of the resources and networks necessary to get great things happening at a larger scale.

How Can You Get the Most Out of This Event?


There are 3 things you can do to contribute to having a great experience at Be The Change DC:

  1. Connect with other participants before the event.  Our Facebook Group is one way to do this.  We are exploring additional options.
  2. Write down 3 opportunities/challenges in regards to your own self-actualization journey.
  3. Write down 3 opportunities to forward your positive impact through collaboration.


Come Play!

If an inside AND out, deep dive experience like this sounds exciting to you, click here to sign up.  And if you love the idea but can't make it yourself, we would greatly appreciate you telling your friends on the East Coast.