Welcome to the Experience Economy! A Call To Play!

“I am into experiments, the more radical, the better. Experience is everything to me and has always been. Material things can come and go, making memories is where I find my flow. I delight in making dreams manifest and people shine in their creativity.” - Biggy StarDust

We released a social experiment this week to highlight the launch of Wisdompreneurs new website to kickoff Wisdom Week 2015 in San Francisco. 

The Question: What if? What if, we asked our friends to offer a gift back to their community that was in line with their personal passion and aligned with their professional purpose? What kind of experiences might come out of a spiritually aware, business  savvy, adventures community that would inspire others to go bigger with their own dreams? How could we gamify the experiment, optimize it for social media and sharing?

Networks of Networks & Collective Action 

I am coming off of a manic two weeks of international travel (rolling off the Burning Man European Leadership Summit in Amsterdam), through  a series of conferences in the Bay Area (California-Netherlands Summit on Sustainability Solutions and the Global Innovation Summit) and heading headlong into another set of waves of possibility (Wisdom2.0, Food Hackathon and HardwareCon3). The peer to peer networks are expanding, connective tissue being formed through shared experience and the speed of collaborations accelerating.  

It really hit home last night while on a call with organizers of the It’s Time, Women’s Leadership Summit, with one of my mentors in organizing for change, Lora O’Connor. Our strategies for connecting networks of various communities is becoming much more sophisticated, the upgrades to our collective “software” and the many “failed” experiments over the last 10 years, provides inputs for us all to move toward shared goals with collective action.  

My creative partner Mike Zuckerman, told me once that a blog I had launched in 2009, Change SF, which had a tag line of “bullhorn for the emerging meta-movement” was what attracted him to eventually playing together. I believe the time has come, for us to come together and either a) change the systems that aren’t working at their core or b) throw a better party and make the current system obsolete by our non participation. 

Together my Cofounder at UIX Global, Greg Delaune, culture hacker hero, Mike Zuckerman, soft launched our most ambitious initiative to date: #RemixtheWorld which was simultaneously announced at two sessions (Convening the Conveners & Cleantech Commercialization: Rapid Prototyping to Global Deployment) at the Global Innovation Summit last Thursday, which ignited the process of partners signing on to the vision and committing to co-create the strategy. Remix is a distributed global unconference/solutions hackathon & music experience that will unfold during the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris this Fall and will focus on designing and deploying arts and social enterprise districts in cities around the world. We will officially be launching the initiative on Earth Day San Francisco 2015 from the founding place of the United Nations. I am confident that the future starts here and I am not afraid to fail.

When you run with the global social innovation crowd, spiritual social entrepreneurs, makers, artists, forward leaning politicians and tech companies, who’s really going to want to stand in your way. Especially when it’s all about a having a good time and the future of our species. We can do this, together! I challenge you to find your passion and purpose and integrate it into your day to day operating system. I sense a major shift is underway, finally. Who wants to start a new; company, school, financial system, country? The writing is on the wall, we are entering a time of simultaneous systematic disruption.

So you say you want a revolution, It’s a inside job? 

How to Play: Check out what the Wisdompreneur community is up to for Wisdom Week and take a chance on being the future by playing our online experience raffle. Rules of the Game: All week we will be releasing new experiences that people can "win" offered by thought leaders and extreme doers from our community. If you want to have one of these experiences, post to the “experience raffle” link on Wisdompreneurs Public Facebook Page, stating why you want to have this experience. Why does it call to you? How might it feed your dreams/mission/vision? Then invite your friends, colleagues and community to support you manifesting your dreams by 'liking' your submission. The person with the most "likes" for their submission, by Sunday night 2/29/15 at midnight PST, will be the “winner” for each experience.

Important Legal Notice: All these experiences are being gifted to the community. No purchase necessary to play!

Chose your adventure & embrace your inner rock star:

Mike Zuckerman - Urban Expedition with Global Culture Hacker 

DJ Jimmy Bell & James Hanusa "Biggy StarDust" - DJ School & Impact Experience Co-Design Session

Greg Delaune - San Francisco Arts & Innovation District Walking tour with UIX Global CEO 

Levi Felix - Lunch with Experience Producer Levi Felix Founder of Digital Detox & Camp Grounded

Matt Vitamante - Meditation and Startup Coaching Session with Co-Founder of California Global Innovation Exchange

Finn Kelly - 10-15 person Slow Game experience facilitated by the Founder of The Go Game

Paul Zelizer – Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs coaching session

Alison Raby – Day Long (6 participants) focused on the cultivation of aliveness and exploration of death

Peter Rubin – Business strategy coaching session, with Peter Rubin

Rachel Alexandria – VIP Daylong Session, with Founder of Healing for Good Girls

Ben Saltzman - Two tickets to "Bring It! More Impact, Influence, and Personal Money Mastery for the Nine Enneagram Types" on June 25, 26, 27 in Santa Cruz, CA

Kacie Berghoef - A 50-minute Enneagram Typing Interview 

More experiences will be added daily. Let the experiment continue, if you wish to contribute an experience please contact us via email: info@wisdompreneurs.com

Who's excited? 

We are!

Wisdompreneurs would love to hear your takes on the emergent experience economy. Please comment here on how you see it playing out to inform our work going forward.

Aspire to Inspire: 

I felt called to write this Blog post inspired by my Partner in Crime, Panther Princess/Cosmic Queen, The Spiritual and Fabulous: Miss Alison Raby. In her post Diversity: My Path, My Passion, I saw her finding her message, embodying her history and dedicating herself to lead on issues she feels passionate about - Diversity and Women’s Leadership. I made a post to Facebook this week, copying my many of my heros on my path, stating that I felt a blog post was emerging in me on 3.0 movements. I have a few more heroes yet to engage - Branson, Bowie, Thom Yorke, Tom/Kat, Musk - to manifest my dream of a world that works for all. Maybe you can help me.

In Wisdompreneurs, I have feel I can bring my unique skills and explore my passion for social enterprise, climate change, social justice, conscious evolution and movement building. Let this community, be your platform and reach for the stars. We will hold you up and catch you, if you fall.

The world’s your stage, let the show begin...

Artist Statement: 

I go by Biggy StarDust, from Dogstar, by way of Seattle, Tempe and the Bay, born of Betsy and Larry, birthed from Black Rock City. I am a city impact artist, I stand for change.


James Hanusa is City Impact Artist and Co-founder of Urban Innovation Exchange Global. UIX Global is an economic development agency that works on the design and development of innovation ecosystems grounded in sustainability, civic innovation and creative culture. Personally he is working on honing his art of coordinating efforts of municipal government agencies, the private sector and citizens in urban environments to develop Arts & Social Innovation districts. James is Advisory Council Chair of Wisdompreneurs, advising on strategy and partnerships. James has recently joined Convening the Conveners as an advisor focused on growing the organizations collective impact network. 

As Global Advisor to the Burning Man Project, James focuses on strategy and developing peer support structures for the cultures global growth. In his previous role of New Initiatives for Burning Man, James worked on special projects, organizational development, communications and innovation explorations and execution. James’s background encompasses teaching social media at Ex’pression College and urban sustainability organizing for 350.org, Global Urban Development and the Global Campaign for Climate Action. He founded Change SF in 2009, a San Francisco-based citizen sustainability initiative. His previous professional experience includes roles in business development and strategic alliances for information technology and social media companies including Intel, SAP, PeopleSoft, and Garrigan Lyman. He holds an M.B.A. in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University.