Transformative Tech, Consciousness and Entrepreneurship

Nichol Bradford, Executive Director of Transformative Technology Lab

Nichol Bradford, Executive Director of Transformative Technology Lab

The focus of the upcoming Wisdompreneurs retreat at Esalen called Shifting the Paradigm is transformative technology, consciousness and entrepreneurship.  One of the thought leaders who will be joining us in this exploration is Nichol Bradford, Executive Director and Cofounder of Transformative Technology Lab.

Nichol is a pioneer in the use of technology that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience.  Before she stepped into the field of transformative techhnology, Nichol was in the online gaming world for many years.  She worked for Disney, Vivendi and, most recently,  she managed the operations of Blizzard properties, including World of Warcraft, in China.

Nichol is fascinated by human potential and sees many opportunities for technology to transcend our perceived limitations and grow into the highest expression of our humanity.  She brings many years of leadership experience and is passionate about employing rigorous scientific research to develop hardware, software and training protocols that can produce a positive change in the human experience. 

Nichol and the team at TTL are exploring new and innovative ways to enhance peace, compassion, embodiment, love, and the fundamental sense of who and what we are.  They believe that when it's created and implemented with awareness, technology can improve the psychological wellbeing of humanity on a massive scale.  They support entrepreneurs in this space with development services, training, go-to-market evaluations, founder and employee matching support, demo opportunities, and, in some cases, even office space. 

The TTL also host TransTech, a yearly conference and expo that brings together leaders in this space.  In fact, it starts the same day the Esalen retreat ends - Nichol is a busy woman.  Last years conference sold out and this year looks to be another dynamic gathering with speakers like: 

  • Ivy Ross, Vice President, Design and User Experience for Hardware Products, Google
  • Sanjay Manchanda Pioneering neurofeedback and neurostim clinician
  • Adil Kassam, Co-Founder,
  • David Eagleman, PhD, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine
  • A panel of leading TransTech Entrepreneurs and much more.

Click here for info on TransTech.

We are grateful to have Nichol and a whole team of thought leaders to help guide the exploration at the Shifting the Paradigm Retreat.   The retreat is from October 9th-14th at the Esalen Institute. 

Click here for info on Shifting the Paradigm.