SHIFT2016 Catalysts & Contributors share their wisdom!

Belinda Liu is one of SHIFT2016's Catalysts & Contributors. She helped design and will co-facilitate Claiming Your Path – Living Your Purpose, one of nine Pathways during our day long Intensive in collaboration with Wisdom 2.0.  Her company:


is partnering with Wisdomprenurs during SHIFT2016 to create a unique conference experience.  One that invites participants to utilize technology to connect to them selves and other attendees in truly meaningful ways.

Here Belinda shares an article she wrote for Huffington Post on on purpose...

Insights From a Recovering Overachiever: 

Replacing Success With Purpose in Life and Work

     Artwork credit:  Arlene Kim Suda


Artwork credit: Arlene Kim Suda

Five years ago, could you have predicted what your life would look like now?

If you had told me five years ago that I would be leaving a stable career in education to venture into the wild frontier of tech startups, I would have thought you were crazy or confusing me with some other overachieving Asian American person.

For most of my life, I looked outward for external measures and benchmarks of success: money, title, influence and impact (the things that would make my friends envious and my parents proud). I made decisions by asking myself questions like:

  • What kind of impact did I want to have?

  • Where could I have the most power and influence in my work?

  • How much money could I make (if I worked really, really hard)?

Something strange happened five years ago when I turned thirty. Success stopped serving me. It was like a motor on a speedboat that suddenly stopped working or a bird that lost its homing device. It was completely terrifying. 


Belinda Liu is a teacher, connector, creator and explorer. She is the co-founder and CEO of HiveQuest, a startup on a mission to catalyze self-transformation and community-building through the intentional use of technology.

Want to learn more about her tiny human experiments or share your personal story? Connect with Belinda at belinda@hivequest.co or on Twitter @hivequest.