Wisdompreneurs convenes at Esalen Institute 2016!

I am SO excited that we get to be at Esalen Institute October 10/9-14 2016!

50 Wisdompreneurs will convene in Big Sur for five days!

Echoing and mirroring the day long Intensive we are presenting in collaboration with Wisdom 2.0 in February!

Where we will take the day in February and dive into 9 (of many) pathways that we face as wisdom practioners, entrepreneurs, the intersection of both and most importantly as human beings being for a week long exploration in community, connection, wisdom and entrepreneurship.

Exploring the depths of these pathways, as well as an invitation to dive into the ocean itself, the natural hot springs, into what this sacred land, its community has held and offered for decades.

I first came to Esalen as a child, and returned at 27 spending a year there studying. I then met my second Teacher and this magical place became my second soul home for almost 20 years. 

This is long awaited dream of mine has birthed itself into REALITY!  YES!

Wisdompreneurs Presents: SHIFT2016

Wisdompreneurs Presents: SHIFT2016

Are you Ready?

If so... BAM!

Shifting the Paradigm - FOR REAL

Are you interested in:

Diversity and Inclusion?

The fact that none of us are getting out of here alive, facing that fact and awakening to the truth that we can choose to be more here now every single moment?

Social impact and leaving a trace?

The wisdom of wellness/balance and sell-care?

Infusing creativity into your personal and professional endeavors?

Gaining more tools inner and outer as a wisdom practioner, entrepreneur - let's face it - as a human being on planet earth?

Attending the launch of our first book?

The dark side of enlightenment?

I could go on but... we now have this kickin' website where you can read all about it!

Thank you Stefan Day for being a complete an utter rockstar, cohort, sanity port, crazy ass, anchor, hard working, full of heart, care and incredible wisdom teacher!


Additions to this incredible line up abound! Get ready for more and more and more and MORE every single day. Ain't no stopping us NOW!

Now for the thank yous!

Thank you to all of our sponsors (not it's not too late, so contact us if you want to play!), partners, catalysts and contributors...

and mostly to our community. There is a Rumi poem, in it there is a line, "that was for THIS" YOU are the THAT this is for.

Of course a very special thank you to Wisdom 2.0 for inviting us to play, we are truly honored.

To you, Paul Zelizer, the wind beneath my wings and the wings to my wind. YOU are the Co-Founder for me.