This Conference Changed My Life...

Literally. I started my first business when I was 21, I had almost no idea what I was doing.

I'm generation X what I used to affectionately call the lost ones.

Back then when I was putting in the toilet (yes it was pink) in the bathroom (yes it was ALL pink, a very cool pink I might add) of the bar/restaurant I was pulling into being, yes pulling; it wasn't cool the way it is today to be that young and starting something. In fact most people thought I was bat X crazy and I am, but that's beside the point.

I've come to realize that we, the Xs or at least I were and are a bridge, the one between the boomers and the millennials. A silent, loud, powerful, lost and found energetic pathway from now to zen, zen to now.

At 17, my father died. The day before thanksgiving and just before my 18th birthday. He wan't much older than I and he had spent his life following the screaming call he couldn't ignore. The scream the never ceases, the one that demands equal rights for all beings. He also walked around with a garbage can on his head and other such experiments trying to understand how to help children learn to read, played pool like a literal pro, drank beer and bushmills, and, well and and and...

The combination of my life history, including my father's death which brought me to my first teacher, the fact that my mom realized I was more interested in organizing things than coloring books and put me to work at the age of 10, meant my spiritual journey (the I need this to save my ass kind) and my entrepreneurial journey (the whoops I just feel in love or in a hole in the ground because I am so passionate about X combo kind) equated to my being on two very different paths.

That is until I stumbled into a Wisdom 2.0 Meetup at the suggestion of one of the people I love adore and admire the most in the world, Salem Kimble.

She said something like, I think this might be right up your alley, you should go and check it out.

I did and for the first time in my entire life, my two paths were married. It was a ceremony forged in fire because once I knew what was possible, there was no going back. I remember meeting Michelle Stransky, and having a sense of an instant sisterhood, kind of like cup of noodles but the healthy whole foods kind.

By the end of the night I have met Soren Gordhamer and had had so many incredible conversations with people that were just like me. I had found my tribe of tribes.

I ended the night by saying to Michelle, I believe in what you all are doing. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I'll mop the floors, no , seriously I mean it. I want to support this movement in any way I can.

I was lucky enough that she said yes and the life I had known, the life I imagined I would have, the movement that I would never be called to the way my father and mother had, shifted.

I began to hear the screaming.

I said yes. I keep saying yes. I will now never stop saying yes.

If you can attend this conference, I sincerely sincerely, sincerely urge you to take the step, the leap, the whatever it takes to be there. It is unlike any other.

Full disclosure: Wisdompreneurs is part of Wisdom 2.0's Wisdom Week, and we are offering an intensive. Paul Zelizer and I will be speaking at a breakout during the conference as well.


This conference in and of itself is an invitation to as my friend and colleague Nick Jankel says, to come out of the spiritual closet. believe me, it's worth it, or at least it was for me.

There is also another intensive focused on Women that Kerena Gordhamer-Saltzman is hosting, Kerena is an incredible force with a giant heart, a brilliant mind and and and. If you are interested in the issues that face women today, check out what she is offering. It's going to be a stellar experience.